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Me, Computers and Statistics

A Statistics victim Graduate, specifically a degree in Applied Statistics with Computing

Mostly a self-taught programmer; an autodidact with a passion for coding on all computer related media - from desktop to web to mobile

Has a leaning towards statistical software projects

Credentials & Projects

Ninja grade system explained:

  • Black-Advanced Pro
  • Red-Professional
  • Green-intermediate
  • Yellow-beginner
  • white-n00b/starter



technolgyYearsNinja StatusSystems
PHP3BlackAccounting System[using Javascript],Websites
> JQuery
> Knockout
2RedFor web projects client side functionality
Python1Whitejust starting out :)
C#2BlackAccounting systems,Report generator [using CrystalReports],ProfMath,Excel parser
ASP.NET[MVC/Webforms]1RedStatistical analysis software,Cabs management
VB 6.03RedTimetabler, School Management System, Video Management systems
VB.NET2RedOCR integration,ProfMath [Free kids software]
Java ME[Java mobile]1GreenLWUIT based mobile applications

Frameworks & CMS

technolgyYearsNinja StatusDescription
.NET3RedUsed with C# and VB.NET for desktop and web projects
Yii web framework2RedUsed in PHP based,large scale Web Applications Projects
Drupal CMS2Greenused in building large-scale sites (website with alot of info)
Wordpress1Greenfor setting up blogs, small and medium scale websites

Data Technologies

JSON1GreenUsed with Javascript, PHP and ASP.NET
Work Experience & Activities

Software Engineer-CraftSilicon

Dealing with banking web based systems. Also acted briefly as the Team source control 'expert'

Software Developer-MatrixASP

Lead Programmer on a Statistical analysis software using ASP.NET/C#.

Sidenote: Awesome project, magical graphs using highcharts ™.

Software Developer-Shekels Financial Limited

IT specialist. Built the company site, set up the company email, built several accounting software targeting the desktop [using C# on .Net] and web [using PHP on Raxan Framework] platforms

Operation Manager

Worked as an Operations Manager in an Academic writing outfit, specializing in writing IT papers.

Campus Club Chairman

Took the role of chairman of a campus computer club (ChepNet, Chepkoilel), which specialized in educating the masses on web technologies.

Campus Tutor

Lectured on web technologies, specifically HTML,CSS and PHP and other software technologies such Java

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